Jumaat, 21 September 2012

second semester in my diaries

hahaha......so long since my last blooging .it not mistaken it had been 5 month ago..hurm to long for a blogger  not to update their blog,but for me it was  been a tiny space of time .surely  i had finish my second semester in my lovely uitm kedah .it was so awosome moment to be told here..hhaha..sure ly i want to upload my picture here to the world to see..before that i would like to apologize  for my mistake if i had make to my friends.i love to pull your leg .hehe.   

as usual .class cancel..pes time

comunity works..teach the high school teen before their spm

hahahah..baucer time.time to buy ice cream.

wahhh..involved in club...

time in ldk..too bored

after bel260  test in dewan sarjana ..

with our mdm dalila  and mr faizal
camping time in  bendang man .nice camp

mgt goodies....tq  zaida and group.so nice

before the mgt presentation ..too amuzed  but we manage to do our presentation well

it all happen and i love to experiance it..the time past shortly.now we will stay up with our week study.i'll not forget this mesmerizing moment with my  friends.

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