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hinex KLKM..12th Higher Institution National Expedition Camping 2012

FULLL...IT ALREADY FORTNIGHT AGO  since i came back from pulau bidong in TERENGGANU..why i went there 2 weeks ago...huhu.this i want to tell people ..i went there for a vacation..huhu..no lah .i went there for hinex camp. the 12th 

Higher Institution National Expedition Camping 2012... 1st of all i can still feel the boat UMTgoyang goyang ..why..haha... let me told you  why..it was very a momeroble memories...i went there just for 4 days only...hurm..i feel that i will die there ..when we arive there .me my self ,asharaf jabi (orang bakal ganti dato sahol) huhu  and faiz  include hafiz din feel the same way..we arrived at umt  which is university malaysia terengganu early in the morning...after registeration we had been given the life safety jacked.then we were drive  to the jetty marang ...when we get into the boat to go to pulau bidong the rain started..wow mahakuasa allah  laut bergelora.ombak masyallah  tinggi mengucap ja dalam boat tue...serem  doe...huhu.we finally arrive after  an hour at pulau bidong...masyallah...too scary...more scary  than scary movie 1.2.3. and 4.huhu...opp..we had to built our own tent there. i shorten the story lah ok the xtvt 1st day    = ice breaking +water confident+ ceramah keselamatan  dari majlis keselamatan terengganu-the best ceramah  i ever listen  about our nation defence.you all need to hear that too..really  speechless.malaysia actually in danger.but.unfortunately i fall to sleep... 2nd day=fuhh nie hat best .jejak warisan .. we went to see the island angd the history park there.it about the vietnamise pe0ple..snokerling .i can see nemo huhu.kayak .wow this is so fun .i can kayak  on the sea in heavy rain..kau orang pernah huhu x kan ..then  fishing at the sea on the boat umt goyang goyang until i fell dizzling and sizzling.. arr 3rd day =went to redang island and buat sedikit charity shield over there and get snokerling at the taman laut redang .wow ..so beautiful maaa...the snokerling ..wow it was something yg tak dapat untuk di ceritakan....dapat main aci ligan ng nemo kot ..huhu and then main sukan neka ..huhu team shark menang semua ..huhu..oh yes my team lah tue....then  in the night  we had malam kebudayaan ....so fun huhu 4th day =last day huhu...so sad lah after having fun there....majlis penutup ...lallalallalalalalalalallal...then habis then photoghaphy time ... we capture our picture there...then make some beach clean up....huhu there my story for hinex this time ...next year i'll be there for hinex 13 again ..wait ya..but just in USM ..hurmmm dekatnya..x boleh g jauh 2 lah...but when i get to kedah back ,i feel  my face dah burn..adushh.kena lah jugak bubuh nevea kat muka nie sebulan ng pakai mask...adoiii...ok let us  see the picture ....have fun lah after aku penat bersyarah nie....

klau nak tgk full version punya gambaq tgk kat link nieh https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419313434763334.110449.100000540426505&type=3

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