Isnin, 24 September 2012

eid mubarak 2012..oppp !!!

arhh...why so many people ask .why  you don't write about your eid mubarak in your diaries here...hoho...actually  i'm too lazy to wrote about that..but today  someone had approch me to write it here..just  for you my dear  i'll tell you about my eid mubarak this year...even our eid mubarak had past a month ago but we still can remember it ..hehe.actually i'll not write a whole day of my celebration but  i just want to share some picture that my sis  capture that day.i'm proud to show you my pinky baju raya this year.just same with our theme for our prime minister .huhu.. let see!!

wait ..wait..this is my hometown  peaceful JITRA..

in the evening  before photoshut time..searching the perfect scenery

my big family

the blur picture

this is my late grandfather house ,every raya we will celebrate it here!

me -my sis and our beloved mom

pink theme :but not in the same and my sis wear  bright pink while our mom wear pink belacan  hehehe.

at my father hometown .pulau ketam nearby jitra ja

peace no war but everyday  quarrelling

we are pink that day

thinking abaout next raya theme...maybe in election can be "pas" candidate maybe..hehehe
that it about my eid mubarak .hurm maybe next time can be more  are some more pic if you wanna look.hehe...raya ala ala 2012

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